The world is changing very fast, so is the human activity on all spheres of life. Starting from education to the knowledge acquisition, food, health, shelter, communication, and entertainment. Every segment around us is growing. The way of life itself is changing. The opportunities around us are abundant.

We are trying to understand, what are the opportunities available for an average common student after the basic education of X/XII and degree, which can be useful for a better future. We share information with them, we consult and guide them to select a better course for future studies as per their aptitude, ability, academical and economical background.We are focusing mainly on the short term and add-on courses, as we feel the mainstream courses are already popular.


School life is awesome, college life is fun, but work life is freedom. You cannot easily do a work which you don’t really love. You might have taken commerce with software in heart, you might have taken software with economics in heart, but that’s okay. Especially in India, we can see a lot of students taking the courses just because of the society, parents and financial situations. It’s really hard to work 9-5 with a job you hate, but you can enjoy the same 9-5 if you love what you do.

A job is what you do, career is what you make. We would love to help you make a career, we have researched a lot about the short term courses available in Kerala, we also created an algorithm with the big data in it, so it’s a pleasure for us to help you build a wonderful career you always dreamt of.




Microsoft Certified Professional since 2008 got around nine years of working experience with different companies. Started his career as a system administrator and later on moved into training field and became a successful computer network trainer who has immense talent on sharing knowledge and motivating students.


An engineering graduate from Chennai got eight years of work experience with different corporate companies. Started her career as technical support and moved into E-commerce industry where she has vast experience in process training and mentoring the teammates.

  • We collect the information from the student such as their interest, passion, the field of interest and their academic background.
  • We put this data into the magical algorithm and boom! it reverts back a set of courses which will make the student’s life better.
  • We connect you with different accredited centers undertaking your financial background into consideration.
  • You learn, you grow and you succeed. When you become successful, we become successful.
  • We provide 100% free service to each and everyone in Kerala

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